Oct 2014
Matt Bourgault

The Domain Game

Major League Soccer, we need to talk about your website.


I don’t want this to come across as me hating on MLS. I’ve been a fan of Major League Soccer ever since Cobi Jones showed up on the cover of Backyard Soccer.


The league has made some major strides over the past couple of seasons. Stars from overseas are joining USMNT standouts in showcasing their craft on American soil. Soon, new franchises in Orlando and New York will make everyone forget about that whole Chivas USA thing.

Speaking of Chivas, MLS does have some problems. For starters, while I think the new badge logo is an interesting idea, I am not a huge fan of the kickstand it comes with.


The real problem I wanted to address, though, is their web address. You can see it in the picture above.


Major League Soccer Soccer .com?

That is horrendous. It’s 2014, MLS, there are no excuses for having this domain name.

Because I am a seasoned reporter who could bolster the profile of any newsroom (hint), I did some investigating to find out where MLS.com goes. Apparently, it takes you to “America’s Real Estate Portal.”

The highlight for me is the site’s header, “MLS Multiple Listing Service Listings.” I’m afraid we’ve gone too far down the rabbit hole.

The thing is, none of the other major professional leagues in America have this problem. NBA.com, NFL.com, and NHL.com all take you to the respective league’s homepage.

Heck, MLB has MLB.MLB.com for all of your MLB needs. I’m actually not sure if that’s worse.

So anyway, my point is that MLS needs to shape up its domain game if it wants to be taken seriously. It’s as simple as that.