Aug 2014
Matt Bourgault

Film Friday: Guardians and James Brown

Matt takes a look at the two movies coming out this weekend.


Now that we’ve reached August, I’ve heard rumblings from some people claiming that this summer has been a bad one for movies. This is, of course, nonsense. There have been plenty of good movies this summer.

But if you were inclined to believe that we were lacking a blockbuster, you’re in luck. Marvel is releasing Guardians of the Galaxy this week, which is almost an automatic slam dunk. Who would have thought that Dave Bautista could outdraw Dwayne Johnson?

Guardians of the Galaxy

Man, this looks awesome. The Marvel movies, this recent run at least, have all had their comedic moments, but a complete Marvel comedy is something new.

And there is no one better to write the film than James Gunn, who penned the criminally underrated (okay, maybe not) Scooby-Doo.

And, most importantly, it stars this man.


Get on Up

Following the recent release of Jersey Boys, I wasn’t exactly excited to see another music biopic. But this film ha the director of The Help, and Chadwick Boeman, who was dynamite in 42.

James Brown is an interesting character to do this with as well, since his influence can still be seen all over today’s music.

Now we just need Hollywood to realize which funk legend should be the focus of the next biopic.