Jun 2014
Matt Bourgault

From the court to the carpet

Are fashion and the NBA compatible?

NBA: NBA Draft


Thursday night was very special to Andrew Wiggins. He was drafted No. 1 overall to the Cleveland Cavaliers, got a new hat, and managed to show the world his love of the Three Amigos.

When Wiggins was picked, the first question Jay Williams asked him was “Who are you wearing?” And Williams was serious.

My dad immediately turned to me with a why-are-we-watching-the-E!-Network look, and I was left with playing off the question as normal. And in a way, the question was completely normal. This is the current state of the NBA.

Basketball players are now looked at as icon of male fashion, and the trend is to see how ridiculous the get-ups can be. Long gone are the days when players’ fashion was inspired by your dad¬†or Fabolous.

But when you think about, basketball is the perfect sport to be a showcase for fashion. NBA player are constantly signing contracts for shoe deals, so it’s only natural to branch out from there.

The sport has always been about the freedom of individual expression, and that’s aided by the fact that no equipment is used to obscure players’ faces. As far as the NBA is concerned, the stars make the league.

So the next time some grumpy person starts complaining about fashion being a problem in basketball, ask them what it was like sitting behind Ronald Reagan in first grade. These guys are just having fun, and we should enjoy it.