Jun 2014
Matt Bourgault

I met a Romanian friend today

You never know who will want to play basketball.


As I, like any good American, spent my morning getting hype for the United States’ disappointing 3-1 loss to Germany and Portugal’s surprising 7-0 victory over Ghana (That’s what happened, right?), I decided to head down to Atlantic Courts to get some basketball in before soccer started.

I took some shots and practiced some ball-handling, but then I was approached by some guy I had never met before. He asked if he could shoot around, which was awesome, because Atlantic Courts usually has the population of that city from the opening of Call of Duty 4.

His name was Dinu, and he was here to work at Palace Playland while on vacation from studying public administration in college. It always blows my mind when foreign college students and local dropouts are fighting for the same jobs.

Anyway, since Dinu was from another country, I began asking questions. I like to consider myself not one of “those ‘Murricans” who don’t know anything about the world, but nothing made me question that more than racking my brain for facts about Romania.

I couldn’t even come up with a Romanian basketball player, which is the real tragedy in all of this. Luckily, Dinu reminded me that Gheorghe Muresan was from Romania (Ernie Grunfeld would be the only other one.).

Even now, looking at the Romanian Wikipedia page, the only thing that sticks out to me is this picture:


Cool bear, Romania.

I guess the moral of this story is to learn up on your other countries, you never know who will want to talk to you about bears.

Surprise episode of “Matt is Bad at Video Games”

Join me next week (hopefully) for the exciting conclusion!