Apr 2014
Matt Bourgault

Television Turmoil

Matt struggles to keep up with what’s on TV.



Well folks, we have finally reached the penultimate “Out of Bounds” column.

Yes, the column with more farewell tours than Cher is finally coming to an end at the conclusion of this semester. I promise.

I say penultimate, of course, because I will be writing for the graduation issue. Creightonian internal memos may not acknowledge its existence, but the graduation issue is still real to me, man.

If you are, say, a non-senior and not willing to pick up that last issue, you’re missing out on the full Matt Bourgault experience. Needless to say, I will adjust to life on the outside about as well as Brooks Hatlen.

Indeed, the end of the Spring semester is always a stressful time of year. I am swamped with make-up work from covering March’s tournaments (I know it’s the end of April.) and have to get used to affixing my lips around the twin barrels of unemployment and debt.

Even worse than those problems, though, is the conundrum of my television-watching techniques being out-of-practice. Usually, I am an unparalleled advocate of not sweating techniques, but I have been unable to keep up with the spring’s influx of good television.

We have playoff hockey and basketball, nightly baseball games and Mad Men going on right now, and I am overwhelmed. In fact, I missed Sunday’s episode of Mad Men because I was watching the Red Sox beat the Orioles on a walk-off bad throw. It is too bad really, because it was a Sally Draper episode.

My weekend was a whirlwind of texts from friends asking if I was watching something when I was doing something else. Mad Men? No, I’m watching baseball. Hockey? No, I’m at Target. Basketball? No, I am watching The Raid 2 (Go see The Raid 2. Also, watch The Raid if you have not yet.).

That’s not to say I haven’t been able to keep track of some things during this frantic season.

Most of my attention has been focused on hockey, considering that the Broons (That’s the correct spelling.) are a Cup favorite this season.  Their playoff series with the Red Wings has been competitive and entertaining, but if the Red Wings fall into the same trap as the 2013 Penguins, it’s already over. Detroit can skate with Boston, but they can’t hit with them.

I’ve also enjoyed the series between the Blues and Blackhawks, and I’m starting to feel good about my pick of St. Louis being the sacrificial lamb that the Western Conference feeds the big bad Broons. The acquisition of Miller has really made more of a difference than I thought it would.

Of course, with all of this hockey I haven’t been paying as much attention to basketball as I should be. It’s hard to pay attention when your team half-heartedly tanked without their best player and turned the tanking up to 11 when they got him back. Poor Rondo, his shoes aren’t even sold in the United States.

I have managed to watch the Kevin Durant-Tony Allen matchup, and it has been spectacular. I still like the Spurs over the Heat in the final.

As for baseball, we’re still in that phase of television when it’s new and exciting. I’m sure by July we’ll all start wondering when football starts, but for now baseball has managed to play its position. Unfortunately for me, the Sawx (That’s right, too.) aren’t playing too well and my fantasy team is banged up. Baseball can be cruel.

As for Mad Men and their last-but-not-last season, I think there was a very important plot point lost in the fray of Sunday’s episode. While Joan was ranting about all the work she has to do (She wasn’t wrong.), she dropped that Harry and Scarlett were practically married.

This was a major development because it means, regardless of all of the wiki articles that talk about him in the past tense, that Harry Crane is still employed. What a glorious day!

Hopefully going forward I’ll be able to keep track of any new developments in the land of television.

What do you mean Season Four of The Boondocks premiered Monday night?