Mar 2014
Matt Bourgault

Boosie is free, and the rest of the trip

Here are some highlights and lowlights from San Antonio.

Well I hope you guys are happy.

The NCAA Tournament is off to an historically good start in terms of television ratings. Everybody and their grandmother is talking about the fantastic upsets that took place over the weekend.

But no one is talking about the toll the NCAA Tournament can take on their fellow human beings.

So far we have seen way too many debilitating injuries in what has been an otherwise stellar tournament. Iowa State sophomore forward Georges Niang suffered a broken foot, and I definitely hurt my back picking up my bag at the airport.

So as I lie here typing on the floor of my apartment, remember the sacrifices that went into making this opening weekend of the NCAA Tournament one of the best ever.

And as many of you may know, I spent this weekend in San Antonio covering Creighton’s run to the third (second, but third) round of the NCAA Tournament. I’m here today to share with you some of the highlights (and lowlights) of that trip.

Since the Boston Bruins are probably the best thing in my life right now, we’re going to do this hockey style. That means three stars and three nobodies, so let’s get started.

Third Nobody: Excel Cab Driver No. 1 or No. 7. I really wish I could tell which number this guy was. As the first person we (Jacob and I) met in San Antonio, I thought the journey was doomed from the start. The guy didn’t exactly make a good impression by struggling so much with his GPS that he handed it to me and told me to enter the hotel’s address. On top of that, when I asked for a receipt, he handed me a blank piece of paper. Go with Yellow Cab if you’re in San Antonio.

Third Star: Guards. This regional featured some of the best guard-play I had ever seen live. Providence senior Bryce Cotton and Iowa State senior DeAndre Kane both did their best Greg Jemmings impersonation and put on spectacular performances. And we shouldn’t forget what Austin Chatman was able to achieve this weekend, either. Chatman showed that the team is going to be in good hands next season even though some key pieces will be graduating. By key pieces, I mean me.

Second Nobody: Airports. Airports are the worst, and San Antonio’s was no different. While I suffered my debilitating injury in Omaha (or wherever Eppley is technically located), it was no doubt caused by the extensive waiting I had to endure in San Antonio’s airport. And it’s not just about what they did to me. I watched Jacob turn from a youthful, excited kid in to a jaded, old man in that line. I don’t know if he can even feel anymore.

Second Star: Abdi. Abdi is the reason you call Yellow Cab for your taxi needs. Well I mean, we didn’t have to call Yellow Cab, because he gave us his personal number. Abdi is cool like that. While all of the Iowa State fans were waiting in line for cabs, Abdi was there to pick us up on our own time. Enjoy the Sweet 16, you Cyclone peasants.

First Nobody: That last game. Seriously, how terrible was that last game? I don’t think Jacob or I said a word to one another during that second half.

First Star: NCAA Tournament Seating Chart Guy. I was going to demote him/her, because he/she’s obviously never read anything I’ve ever written, but I just can’t. This man/woman provided me with the largest audience I’ve ever had, and for that, I thank him/her. Thanks to them, Boosie will always be free.