Mar 2014
Matt Bourgault

I’m so mad I could…

So Creighton lost again.



In case you were not aware, Creighton played basketball tonight against the Georgetown Hoyas. Things didn’t go very well.

The Bluejays lost their second-straight game in a manner that didn’t exactly inspire confidence in their fanbase. There were  missed shots, turnovers, and all sorts of other bad basketball-related activities.

And I’m mad about it. Well, kind of mad. It’s sort of a mad/sad.

You know, the kind of mad/sad where you put off doing your homework because you just have to blog about something. The kind of mad/sad that leaves you so distraught that you end up typing said blog with only your right hand because you’re laying on the couch and using your left to prop up your head and wipe away the tears. The kind of mad/sad where eventually you have to sit up because your left arm is going numb from head-propping and you’re afraid it’s a heart attack and you’re going to die alone in your cold Omaha apartment.

You know, that kind of mad/sad.

So in honor of feelings, I made a list of things I could be doing right now.

I’m so mad I could note how a Creighton season isn’t complete without a conference losing streak (Okay, I did do that.).

I’m so mad I could blame this loss on the media and coaching staff for distracting the players and not getting them focused on gameday.

I’m so mad I could post Shook Ones, Part II again. Actually, I’m going to do that anyway.

I’m so mad I could blame the referees for not bending to my every whim.

I’m so mad I could go on a 1,200-word rant about how terrible Creighton fans are even though no one would ever read it.

Now, I’m so mad that I could do any of these things. But there is a very good reason I won’t be doing any most of these things.

Tonight I found out that Dominique Wilkins’ Twitter account is no longer the saddest thing on the internet. This deserves a celebration.

So relax, Bluejay fans. Things will get better, I promise. If you need help, I got a song to get you get you in the right state of mind.

Good night, everybody.