Mar 2014
Matt Bourgault

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Oh right, the blog.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a week since I’ve posted on here, but I’ve had a crazy whirlwind of a week. It was like all of the homework I had worked tirelessly on not doing suddenly became due all at once. Funny how these things happen.

So as an apology, I wrote looked up a song for you guys.

So since I’ve been gone, Bobby has added some new and interesting things to the site.

(I’m not sure if the “Insert WP User Avatar” feature is actually new, but I’m going to use it anyway.)

Matt Bourgault

Me and Bear


For those wondering where Bear is, he is currently serving as a rug in my guest room. It’s not that morbid, you guys.

There’s also a poll feature. Yeah, polls!

Poll Poll

So that stuff is really cool. What’s also really cool is the poster I picked up from Harsky.

Now, I have a poster of Fenway Park signed by Carlton Fisk (He signed it at a Key Bank opening in Biddeford, Maine. Thanks Erik!) that has long been my most prized poster. But take a look at this thing.

It's. Beautiful.

It’s. Beautiful.

That’s every player who competed in the dunk contest from 1984-2011, and it is being proudly displayed on my kitchen wall right now. I’ve been wanting to get this thing for a while now, so it was a nice little birthday present for myself.

And I’m not the only fan of this poster.

Look at this guy.

Look at this guy.

It’s the poster of champions.