Feb 2014
Matt Bourgault

Sneaker Saturday: New Pickup

Matt discusses his latest sneaker pickup on Sneaker Saturday.



Welcome back to the first Sneaker Saturday in what seems like forever. I just had to bring this back to talk about the latest pair I picked up.

That’s right, buried under all of the All-Star Game releases, Converse brought back the Aerojam in the White/Black colorway for $109.99 at Finish Line.

I had to pick up these beautiful pieces of 1990’s nostalgia. If you guys recall, these were the shoes Larry Johnson wore during games with the Charlotte Hornets.

This is the second time these shoes have been retrod, with the first being ten years ago. Unlike that release, these sneakers don’t feature Johnson’s number on the removable lace guard.

The most apparent omission, one that wasn’t in the first retro either, is the React Juice. I completely understand why Converse made this decision, despite what Finish Line lists as the midsole.

These shoes (the retros) were not really meant to be played in (I will anyway, because I am not a smart man.). So there was no point for Converse to put the possibly leaky React Juice cushioning system in them.

Other than that, these things are fresh. It’s been way too long since I’ve had white sneakers, let’s see how long they stay that way.