Feb 2014
Matt Bourgault

Music Monday: 4 Mixtapes

Matt takes a look at the latest work by Casino, Curren$y, OJ Da Juiceman, and Pro Era.


We have four mixtapes to go over today, so let’s not waste any time.

Casino – Frank Matthews

What are we trying to accomplish here? The best thing I can say about this tape is that my internet cut out while I was listening to it.

When internet hypebeasts aren’t even flocking to your tape, you know something’s wrong. I think this all stems from whoever thought it was a good idea to give Future a stable of artists.

Cut that out, decision guys.


Curren$y – The Drive in Theatre

I’ve never really been a fan of Curren$y, which is probably not fair. My only experience with the man was when I saw him live in Omaha.

Everyone I knew was pretty excited that he was going to be there, but I didn’t really understand the hype (I was preparing for Method Man to close out the night.).

His performance was lackluster, but that might have had a lot to do with his broken leg. That Curren$y was underwhelming, but this one, the Curren$y that made “The Drive in Theatre,” is just sublime.

This mixtape is straight up smooth.

“The Drive in Theatre” is a jazzy departure from most of the other nonsense coming out of the South right now. With his New Orleans background, it’s really no suprise that the horns steal the show.

Freddy Gibbs makes an appearance on “Grew up in This,” which is great because Freddy Gibbs.

All of the features, Gibbs, Action Bronson, and Smoke DZA keep the correct tone and stay on message.

The result is a mellow tape definitely worth checking out.


OJ Da Juiceman – Alaska in Atlanta 2


Mr. Juiceman does exactly what you would expect from him on this tape. So I guess there is something to say about his staying power.

The man has stanima.

The feature from Gorilla Zoe is a bright spot here.

Overall, you’re getting some fun bangers if you’re willing to put your brain away.


Pro Era – Secc$ Tap.e Pt. 2

Just to start things off, the Pro Era boys lose a point for making me type out that stupid name. C’mon guys.

Other than that, this small collection of tracks is on point.

The Pro Era guys always make me feel like it’s 1996,¬†which is appreciated. Pantie Raid 2 (Spell something correctly!) is a highlight.

Pussy Facx (Seriously, you guys?) is also an interesting listen.

Make sure to check this one out, too.