Feb 2014
Matt Bourgault

A New Challenger Appears!

Is Amazon really joining the console wars?

It’s been quite some time since we’ve had an actual Virtual Vursday, hasn’t it?

Well some major video game news has been floating around the internet lately. According to multiple sources, Amazon (website, not river) is going to release a video game console.



This is pretty intriguing because it implies that Amazon wants to become a major player in the industry. A company with the resources and imagination of Amazon doesn’t just do something on a whim. This is the result of careful planning.

What confuses me is reports that this machine is going to be running pretty much on Android. That didn’t work for the Ouya, and it probably won’t work for anyone else.

This machine is supposed to be $300, so it’s going to have to be pretty impressive to directly compete with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo (and Valve, who knows?). No matter how this system turns out, I support this decision by Amazon. I favor anything that provides more choice to consumers.

This console generation has settled in for the most part at this point. Sony has jumped out to a great start, using a good mix of technology and pricing. Microsoft is in a solid second, due to having the most expensive system and forcing Kinect onto everyone. Nintendo, who had a year head start, is in dead last. They re lready talking about launching a new system in two or three years.

Nintendo is weird like that.

So good luck, Amazon. I hope you make something really cool. I probably won’t get it right away, but I’m sure someone will.

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Aw, yeah! Sweet success!

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