Jan 2014
Matt Bourgault

The Big Shaqtus

The sneaker commemorating Shaq’s final effective stop is 60% off.



So due to varying circumstances, I never really established a format for Sneaker Saturday. To remedy that I’m going to try this.

You see, the Shaq Attaq in the “Big Shaqtus” colorway is 60% ($96) off, making the shoe a great deal at $64. All you have to do is head over to Black Market and enter the coupon code: sale60. I would be grabbing a pair myself, but sadly they are out of 13s.

These particular shoes are cool for a few reasons.

First, Reebok has been absolutely killing it with the retros since Swizz Beats took over. I spent the last two years wearing Dee Brown Pump Omni Lites, and I’d still be wearing them if I hadn’t have worn a hole through the toe.

Second, these were the first ever Shaq shoes. Shaq was unlike anything the NBA had ever seen when he entered the league. Before long, he was already being compared to the all-time great centers. Watch this commercial:

That’s Chamberlain, Russel, Walton, and Kareem all making an appearance in a Shaq commercial. A commercial for his FIRST shoe.

Finally, the shoe is cool for its Shaqtus motif.



This celebrates Shaq’s stop in Phoenix (his fourth team). It is a reference to his propensity to give himself nicknames, culminating in a very cool NBA on ESPN spot.

So if you like Shaq, Phoenix, or just cool looking shoes, I’d suggest copping these. It may be your only chance to touch the Shaqtus.