Jan 2014
Matt Bourgault

I, Frankenstein review

I thought we were done making Underworld movies.

There was only one wide release this week, so as much as I’d like to review GloriaI’m not going to.

I, Frankenstein

You know, I joke about Underworld, but this looks like the exact same thing. “Let’s take a classic horror motif and make it a mediocre action movie!” This thing looks like it has “bad” written all over it.

And the studio must agree, because they didn’t give critics any advanced screenings of the film. That’s not exactly going to instill confidence in your campy action movie, guys.

I guess the real blame might have to fall on Kevin Grevioux, the guy who wrote the graphic novel this film is based on. He also co-wrote Underworld, so maybe this guy just needs another shtick.

This trailer was only really good for making scratch my head and say, “What?” over and over again. Why is Frankenstein’s monster in modern times? Why is he the savior of mankind? What is going on?

As much as I’d like to say the idea of Harvey Dent fighting gargoyles led by MET Chief Inspector Bill Nighy is a good one, I’m not sure it is.

All this trailer seems to do is remind me that we never got a really cool Gargoyles and Batman: The Animated Series crossover. Where is that, God?

All in all, this does NOT look good.