Jan 2014
Matt Bourgault

Starvation 3 review

Matt takes a peek at Ace Hood’s Starvation 3 mixtape.

Here’s a link.

I’m going to keep this review short since I’ve been battling with internet connectivity problems all night. Besides you should be reading this interview instead.

Ace Hood is positively Ace Hood on this mixtape. The beats are fantastic and interesting, and the lyricism is around the upper crust of bland.

As he has proven throughout his career, Ace Hood works exceptionally well on single tracks. If you’re in a car and you put on a track, many fun times will be had (and many trap arms will be thrown). If you try to take everything in at once, you’ll start to zone out.

Mr. Hood continues to have potential, and I’m looking forward to his album because he has mentioned that he wants to work with Anthony Hamilton and John Legend. Maybe then I’ll see more from him.