Jan 2014
Matt Bourgault

How to deal with a rough weekend

Matt explains how to deal with a bad sports weekend.

I didn’t have the greatest of weekends. The Patriots, Bluejays, Bruins and Celtics all managed to do that thing where they don’t win the game I wanted them to win. Indeed, it was a sad day in apartment 223.

The tenets of fandom surely allow someone suffering from such a plight to be miserable, but there’s a better. No matter what hardships you face, and a loss to the Orlando Magic is a hardship, there are ways to get through it. Here are some DOs and DON’Ts for getting through troubling times.

Do: Take a nap.

Naps are nature’s greatest creation, and they provide so many benefits in this situation. Think about it.

First, you can’t be angry anymore because you’re asleep. How can you maintain anger through a super cool dream where you’re poppin’ bottles with Antoine Walker? Or you know, whatever you guys dream about.

Second, naps serve as a wicked sweet time travel device. Don’t want to deal with today? BAM! It’s tomorrow. Which is cool, because Creighton totally gives us Martin Luther King Jr. Day off (they don’t). Plus the Bruins and Bluejays are on tomorrow, so the cycle can start all over again.

Do: Find something else to occupy your mind.

Pick a task (non-sports related) and get it done. Here was my checklist after New England lost:

1. Clean apartment

2. Do laundry

3. Acquire a hobby

Now I didn’t get all of that done, but that’s only because my list was modified to:

1. Nap

2. Watch Ultimate Warrior promos 

3. Listen to music from The Nutty Professor 

Don’t: Engage anyone on social media.

Look I understand that you’re upset and venting your frustration sounds like a great idea. But it isn’t.

No matter how many of your friends are in the same situation, there will still be some friends (acquaintances, really) who are waiting to revel in your sorrow.

Just stay away from social media, nothing good can come of it. All the posts will make you feel bad because they’re either about your team or racist toward Richard Sherman.

Guys, on a serious note, stop being racist toward Richard Sherman.

Don’t: Live in an apartment with a crappy internet connection.

I was going to end this post after the Sherman thing, but my building’s internet likes to shut down sometime around 1 a.m. This is dreadfully inconvenient because I would love to go to bed right now (or at least keep listening to Keith Sweat on YoutTube).

I want it to be tomorrow already. Tomorrow me will totally clean this apartment.